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MAFF European line

MAFF European line – maintenance free batteries produced in modern Calcium-Calcium expanded metal technology offered in many sizes and capacities to meet the demand of almost all cars produced in Europe.

MAFF Japan line
MAFF Japan line – batteries produced for cars of Japan or Korean origin, offered in most popular capacities and sizes: 35Ah, 45Ah, 60Ah, 70Ah and 100Ah. Modern design, ergonomic handle and high quality will be the right choice for your Toyota, Kia or Mitshubishi. All Japan line batteries are maintenance free and produced in Calcium-Calcium technology*.
*except for types 560 68 and 560 69

MAFF Truck line

MAFF Truck line – reliable batteries for heavy duty usage in trucks and busses. High quality and dependability will let you run thousands of kilometers without any problems. Batteries produced in most common sizes and capacities up to 230Ah.